We are the PAO

About Us

We are a non-profit association of dedicated individuals who are committed to supporting local staff who have worked for German institutions, authorities, and companies in third countries. Our goal is to help the people who have often supported Germany abroad, sometimes at the risk of their lives, to integrate into Germany and to give them the recognition and support they deserve.

Our network is active nationwide and is divided into 16 regions with local volunteers. We advocate for the rights and interests of local staff and help them find a new home in Germany. We support local staff through personal support from volunteers and our staff from the fields of social pedagogy, psychology, finance, and law. We provide advice on all questions relating to entry, residence, integration, and work. Through regular meetings and events, we strengthen community and exchange.

Our Motivation: We all feel a deep sense of responsibility towards the people who have supported the interests of our country in their countries. They have achieved great things and deserve our thanks and support. We share the conviction that everyone has the right to a life in dignity and security.

Our Mission: Our mission is to support local staff already in their home countries through advice, education, and support, to facilitate their entry into and integration process in Germany, and to create a network of solidarity and trust.

What we do

The first steps to and in Germany are particularly difficult for local staff due to the typical bureaucratic hurdles. In addition, it is almost impossible to integrate successfully without help, especially without German or English language skills. This is where we come in:

  • We provide advice and support from our staff on all questions relating to residence, integration and work in Germany.
  • We accompany you to appointments with authorities, help you find jobs, housing and language courses, and provide psychosocial support in challenging situations.
  • Our association network provides valuable professional expertise. This expertise can be used by both local staff and our volunteers.
  • Through our meetings and events, we promote encounters and exchange. In this way, we network local staff with people who want to help. This offers support and security.
  • We also support our volunteers and are always available with advice and assistance.
  • Many people in Germany are not aware of the fate of local staff and their achievements and commitment. For this reason, it is an important task for us to bring their fate to the public’s attention in a lasting and sustainable way.

With your support, we can achieve even more. Together we can ensure that local staff receive the recognition and support they deserve.

Active in all federal states

In order to better address the problems and concerns of local staff throughout Germany, we have organized ourselves into 16 regions. These correspond to the borders of the federal states and enable targeted and efficient work on the ground.

We offer regional meetings and events for exchange and networking, specific information and support on the topics and challenges of the respective region, and the opportunity to actively participate and help shape the work of the sponsorship network.

We cordially invite you to contact the regional group in your area and to actively participate in our work.

The contact details can be found below:

Baden-Württemberg baden-wuerttemberg@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Bayern bayern@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Berlin berlin@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Brandenburg brandenburg@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Bremen bremen@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Hamburg hamburg@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Hessen hessen@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern mecklenburg-vorpommern@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Niedersachsen niedersachsen@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Nordrhein-Westfalen nordrhein-westfalen@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Rheinland-Pfalz rheinland-pfalz@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Saarland saarland@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Sachsen sachsen@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Sachsen-Anhalt sachsen-anhalt@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Schleswig-Holstein schleswig-holstein@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de
Thüringen thueringen@patenschaftsnetzwerk.de