The responsibility towards local staff is a moral and humanitarian obligation.

Local Staff: Essential Collaborators

The success of German interests abroad relies heavily on the expertise and dedication of local staff. These individuals play a critical role in the success of our efforts in security, development cooperation, humanitarian aid and also commercial activities. Local staff serve as a vital bridge between German authorities and the local population. Their deep understanding of the cultural and social context facilitates effective communication and relationship-building. They provide essential translation services, ensuring clear and accurate information exchange. Additionally, local staff contribute valuable insights into political, economic, and social developments, allowing Germany to make informed decisions in pursuit of its interests abroad. The importance of local staff comes with inherent risk. Collaboration with Germany can expose them and their families to potential threats.

In conclusion, local staff are essential collaborators in German foreign policy. Their contributions are invaluable and deserve our highest respect, recognition, loyality and unwavering support.

A Duty of Care

The recent withdrawal from Afghanistan highlighted a critical aspect of German foreign policy: the well-being of local staff. Many of them still live in fear for their lives and see only one way out: to leave their homeland and flee to the country they have supported for so long.

We believe that Germany has a moral and value-based but also a legal responsibility to protect local staff from Afghanistan and all other third states and to enable them and their families to live a safe life in Germany, at least if they are at risk.

The future of local staff lies in our hands. Let us never again watch as people who have loyally served us are abandoned. Let us show responsibility and act now!

Support for Local Staff

We call for the swift and unbureaucratic admission of local staff, early preparation and a secure stay, as well as the opportunity for integration in Germany.
We support local staff even before they arrive in Germany. We facilitate their entry by providing unbureaucratic assistance with finding housing and employment, dealing with authorities, and integrating into society. We demand and promote respectful and appreciative treatment of local staff.

We can all do our part to appreciate the work of local staff. Learn about the challenges they face and support us. Together we can ensure that local staff find a new home in Germany and can lead a fulfilling life.

This is not only a moral obligation, but also an investment in our future. With their experience and skills, local staff can make a valuable contribution to German society

Who We Are

As the Local Staff Sponsorship Network (Patenschaftsnetzwerk Ortskräfte e.V.), we advocate for greater solidarity with the people who have worked for us abroad. We are a non-profit association of dedicated individuals committed to supporting local staff.

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The Local Staff Sponsorship Network (Patenschaftsnetzwerk Ortskräfte e.V.) relies on the support of dedicated individuals like you. With your help, we can support local staff in their home countries and with their integration in Germany, create a network of solidarity and trust and give the people who risked their lives for us the recognition and support they deserve.

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